Then and now.

I stumbled upon a few old photos of myself when I was young. The 5 year old me with a spaghetti necklace was quite a badass. More than being confident as heck, I was happy and playful. Instead of wondering, "Where did the time go?", "What if we could turn back time?"...I wondered how I could utilize the power of that little kid, today.

Not a worry in the world.

I was a wimp when I was younger. Never climbed the higher trees and skipped out on adventures because I was afraid. Still, I didn't have a worry in the world because I did what I wanted. When we grow up, doing what we want becomes difficult because of rules and laws and all silly things. We can still, however, be who we want to be.

When we are so concerned with what others think about us, our whole life will be based on the approval of others...and that sounds dangerous. TO be an adult and not have a worry in the world is much easier when you stop trying to keep up with the Jones. (My apologies to anyone with the last name Jones, the names are strictly fictional.)

Lessons Learnt.

A few years passed since Spaghetti-Thornton appeared in a living room showcase for the family, and since then a lot of lessons were learnt. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When we look at then and now, the key to growing up and developing is to actually learn the lessons available to be learnt.

Believe it or not, it is possible to go through lessons and not learn them. Sometimes it's tough to learn lessons, it's painful and tedious...but they need to be learnt nevertheless. When we avoid them or sweep them under the carpet, eventually they will reappear...but at a much more difficult stage in life. Practically for me it looked like this: see a tall tree, climb it.

Other kid-powers.

Kids are mostly positive. Why? Because they see the bright side in things. This doesn't mean we avoid hardships (refer to carpet sweeping metaphor above), it simply means we acknowledge the silver linings to situations. If your car breaks down, see it as an opportunity to relax and take a few hours're not going anywhere anyway.

Kids love unconditionally. The world would be a brilliant place if we loved like kids. Sure it's hard to love the pain in the (shoes) boss, but it makes you feel much better if you do. It's hard to love the nosy neighbor or crappy in-laws, but when you do...your own heart will be filled with love. The reciprocity of love also works like this: somehow, somewhere the love you give will return to you, and sometimes with interest. Try it out!

Go and dig up some childhood photos and post them or share them. If you aren't a sharer, just look at them and be inspired by the young you. When you're done with that, make a spaghetti necklace, go out and rock the world (while wearing a mask)!



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