The Road to Freedom 

Freedom is a mindset. It's something attained in a state of tranquility with one's surroundings and the delicate balance of quintessential rhythms in one's life, all balancing out in perfect harmony.

Okay, now that I'm finished sounding smart, let's talk about real 21st century, working class, freedom seeking. The kind of seeking that doesn't require one to put one's legs in a pretzel to find calm. It also doesn't require one to refer to oneself as 'one', either.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

We are all busy, sure, but we don't need to be in a hurry. It's easy to fall into a pattern of checks and ticks. To do lists and calendars rule our lives in a tick-tock fashion as if it's meant to be that way.

When is the last time you had a date with yourself? When is the last time you read my previous blog, Coffee for One, and actually did something like it? (Feel free to read that one and return here.)


Welcome back! If your answer was, 'A really, really long time.', please make a urgent entry into your Google Calendar before Christmas!

Sure, I did the Calendar-thing, Thornton, What now?

The reason I value me-time and you-time so highly is because society can tie us down very easily. We get caught in the rat-race all to quickly.

I'm not saying a wife and kids are bad or that you should hate your boss (unless he took away the coffee machine, then call me), all I'm saying is that we need to be alone sometimes. We need to set our minds free to engage easier in everyday life once we return from wherever we went to do this, 'refreshing'. It's not a smoke break or a game of Tetris in lunch time...I'm talking genuine refreshing here.

Where even is wherever?

Glad you asked. I don't know.

For me, wherever is a open windowed car ride to Hartebeespoort Dam listening to The Lumineers and stopping for a waffle at The Windmill Restaurant. Wherever, is a hike in the Cederburg Mountains or a kayak trip with a friend in the Kaaimans River. Wherever is a place where your mind can relax and be free. There has to be a place close to your heart where something like that can be found, and when you have it, hold on to it for dear life.

The "moments that take our breath away" need to be often and treasured, because slamming away at our computers our whole lives will keep the construction signs firmly planted on the road to freedom.

Choose Freedom.

I will be happy with nothing less than to be likened to the great William Wallace for this statement: we can choose our freedom. As I'm writing this, a have a little less blue paint on my face and I'm sitting on a chair rather than a horse, but my enthusiasm is close to equal that of the war hero.

Yes, I do not have context of where you are in life and what your background is, but I know for a fact that most of our "have to's" can be translated to "want to's"... and that's not okay. You don't have to read this post, you want to. You don't have to work late, you want to. As long as you choose unnecessary have to's, you are choosing against freedom. You have a choice.

Our lives will echo in eternity, or it might not. We might be glorious in this life, or we might not. All I know is, that while you are still here and you can read this, please....for heavens sake don't let your life suck!

Live It!


PS. Here are some Freedom-Unveiling places I've visited:

- Black Horse Brewery, Magaliesburg.

- Harrie's Pancakes, Arkadia (Or Graskop, Or's just damn tasty anywhere.)

- Copperlake Breweries, Randburg.

- Tshikwalo Lodge, Dinokeng.

- Irene Farm, Nellmapius


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