The Rain

And the heading of the year goes to: me. Yes, thanks everyone!

You're probably thinking how I came to use this very boring, very mundane heading for a topic today. Well, it's been raining for a while now and I realized how applicable it is to where I am at the moment.

Dust, stinking dust everywhere.

I moved recently and it made me realize that my beautiful cream colored fridge had a hidden secret underneath it. Dust, so much dust. Now, I know you might be saying: "Dude, just clean under your fridge", and you might even be a 100% correct, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.

Dust, to me, is a sign that something hasn't been used for a while or that the certain something is no longer needed. Me moving a ten thousand ton crate out of my room gave me this sudden philosophical awakening on what the move is actually about. Although this might have been the loss of blood to the head from carrying this heavy box, it allowed me to value what was about to happen even more.

Rain, stormy rain everywhere.

It rained. I sure hoped it would, otherwise the heading would be totally useless. The petrichor was breathtaking. Each drop unlocked the magnificent smell from the earth and I once again had a sudden awakening of what was happening. Yes, this post is full of realizations and awakenings, I guess this was the mood upon writing.

As disappointing as dust makes you feel, rain has the opposite feeling. If you are like me, rain gives you a certain joy, unequaled by any other natural accurance. Sure I'm not accounting for the Northern Lights or a eagle flying through the Grand Canyon, but only because I haven't been there...yet.

Purpose, dang purpose everywhere.

Throughout my entire awakening session, I am moving towards a point, so just be patient. It's December, and for most of us it means the close of business and long drives to distant family members. It means Christmas trees, braais by the pool and jolly decorations in the mall. For others, however, it means a time of reflecting on the year and thinking ahead to what's next.

What the rain has taught me, is that firstly we need not stress about what happens in the future. Rain just comes and no matter how much we pray, we can't force the it to rain. The same goes for our future: sure we can pray and should pray about it, but getting stressed out during this truly festive time only ads to our family tension and steals from our joy.

Secondly, rain signifies a cleaning process. Dust needs to be cleaned and taken away in order to use whatever was dusty in the way it was intended. What the rain should remind us of, is an emotional, intellectual and spiritual 'clean-up' of ourselves during this time. Whether this cleanup happens through writing, talking to someone or taking a hike alone in a mountain, I believe doing any of these is crucial. Without this cleaning, our purpose and direction for the next year could become...dusty.

New shiny you.

Here are some actionable steps for a cleaning session:

1. Write the cleaning process down. Reflect on it and plan for next year.

2. Talk to someone about the year and what you are excited about for next year.

3. Write down the following for a few days in a row and see how what you've written reveals what needs to be cleaned and what needs to be focused on for the next year:

What are my Fears?

What are my Giants?

What Excites me?

4. Take a day hike in a nature reserve.

These are just some of the things I use at the end of every year, and I implore you to use this, or at least just do something similar. You will see that the festive time and the first few weeks of 2020 will look radically different with a different and NEW SHINY YOU!



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