The Failure Precept

'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.' Sure this quote sounds beautiful and motivational, but trying again sucks. Trying again sometimes takes gut wrenching willpower and hope from within yourself you never though you had. Is it even worth it? Will it all be glorious and glamorous in the end?

Failing really sucks (I mean really!)

So now that we got of to a super positive start, let's dig into what the failure precept is all about. Humans have tried to quantify things we can't explain through our limited understanding since the beginning. God, heartbreaks, name it, we tried to quantify it. The rise in motivational speakers in the previous decade took to their platforms glorifying suffering as a necessary step to success or greatness or awesomeness or whatever term they coined.

Failures are a part of life, I do agree with that. Failures are however, nowhere near the 'Worth Glorifying'-category in my books. To me, failures are in the 'Would Kick in the Face if It Was a Human Being'-category. Let me explain why.

Failures don't come in bite-size chunks.

When packaged, failures seldom come in small, handle-able portions. No, they come in bulk, and in packs. Because we are humans too, failures can range from physical to spiritual and emotional failures too. Whoopy!

The 2nd of January I took a jog as part of my new running goal for the year and 1-km in I had to stop and walk/jog in small spurts. Consequently I posted one of my worst running times ever. Spiritually I was a mess and emotionally I also had some 'missing my family in Denmark'-blues, so typically being me I wanted to jog it off...nope, didn't work.

Why am I sharing this personal account with you?

Failing is inevitable.

Everyone: 'Wow, what a revelation.'

Just bear with me. Somewhere along the line we are going to experience this and in whatever package it comes you just have to take it on. I tried doesn't work (well it does, but your neighbors will complain about the noise.) I tried being upset and throwing things doesn't work (well it does, but only for a moment, and then you have to clean it up or replace it.).

What does work then? Well to me and in my limited understanding, we just have to take it head first. Failures can truly be a-holes, but getting upset won't achieve anything. As I'm sitting behind my laptop, fresh off a few failures this morning, I can tell you to just keep won't feel great, but just do it. The motivational speakers never tell us about how painful failures really are, because it's impossible to truly explain to someone who hasn't been don't throw away those books just yet. About the glorious ending in lights in cameras...yeah, that's also not a thing. For every level, there will be another challenge.

So now that we cleared out what it looks like, I invite you to take to failing. It's absolutely terrible...horrific even. But the more we fail the more we get used to it...and the less we break our primary school picture mugs when we are upset. Remember this, you aren't alone and your failures don't make you.

That's go have an amazing day.

Go on, why are you still reading this? ... Just kidding, bye now.



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