The Contentedness Contest

Being content means you're happy with your current state and don't need or want anything more to maintain your level of happiness. In the 21st century, however, I have discovered that it's meaning have somehow been altered a bit.

Have no fear, I am not setting out on a 500-word rant about how things have changed since the olden days, neither will I give 11 top tips on how to escape modern life (only because someone already did that:

The Big Idea

The changed meaning of a very meaningful word has left many people in a dizzy spin on what can actually be deemed to be the 'right way to live' or what 'the Big Idea' behind life is. We then entered into a phase where doctors and experts in psychology told us all to just be happy with what we have and with who we have it...i.e. to be content. Good.

Well, good for a while. Soon enough we saw that our neighbors seemed more content than us. How did we know this? Social Media or dinner parties. Everyone at the party tried to out-content each other by telling stories of how content they really are. Unfortunately for Janice from house number 17 in the security estate, when her friends left, she still felt a certain emptiness.

The Big Confusion.

Blockchain. Nothing to do with this article, but very confusing. So if I managed to confuse you two days into the new year, good. Let me try to un-confuse you then.

People, as gullible as we are, love articles on the internet telling us what to do...much like this one (que evil laugh). We listen with even more intent when we notice other people are doing the same thing. So, with little context or reason, we start following a 'Ice Bucket Challenge'-type trend for absolutely no other reason than other people doing it...most of them also doing it for no reason.

When the contentedness revolution struck then, it came with the usual ad on's of a trend; including the lack of context part. People tried to look content (a age old human trait) without having the necessary abilities to truly pull it off.

The Big Decision.

Now, we are left with a choice: continue our contentedness competition, or truly pursue happiness. Whatever you choose, however, make sure you choose it for you...not for me, the girl in number 17 or any one else. Being content is a process, it's hard work and it takes knowing what you are after before you go after it.

I will only ask you one thing for this new year, when you do pursue being content, do it wholeheartedly and do it without wondering what the grass looks like on the other side.

Make this year great!



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