The Bridge

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Seriously pause and picture yourself in front of a mirror in 10 years. What do you look like? What are you wearing? Are you skinnier, more successful, maybe even married?

The Gap.

There is a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Obvious, right? But how do we go about closing the gap? If you picture something like the Grand Canyon in front of you with your dream job or perfect partner on the other side, it might take significant effort to get there. Whether it's small or large, the gap will inevitably be there...and life's goal will be to figure out how to bridge the gap.

Notice how I mentioned another action: bridging. We will get to the "How-to's" just now, but the first action to take is acknowledge the gap. I've noticed how everyday life has a way of assisting us in ignoring the gap with a fun game called wishful thinking. Not sure how to play it? Let me help:

  1. Pretend you have it all figured out.

  2. Say you will do something. The when rule is ideal for this step. (When I earn R 20,000 I will travel. When I have a partner I will train. When the market looks better I will invest.)

  3. Wait for time to pass.

  4. Blame everything or everyone if you haven't achieved your goal.

Motivation and Inspiration.

The reason the wishful thinking game is explained in such harsh terms is because I played it my whole life. The reason is because it's easy. Also, if life handed you many failures up until now, it seems like a pretty good excuse too. I've had older people come up to me and reminding me that life is not fair, I will loose vigor somehow and that I don't know their story (then added that I should just wait for my big failures).

I love advice like that, because luckily I am able to digest, discern and discard the parts I don't like. That's the beauty of inspiration. Whatever hand life deals me (Or you) we are able to look beyond it if we have true inspiration for the work we do.

Inspiration, according to the article, The scientific study of inspiration in the creative process in the Journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Inspiration is a motivational state that compels individuals to bring ideas into fruition. What this means is that inspiration is an internal trait that is independent of motivation. Make sure you have something that inspires you, a purpose and reason for being (more content to follow on this topic). When you have inspiration, commentary or advice will be but add-on's to your journey in life...not pivots or a cause for direction changes.

Building/Using the Bridge.

Whatever your 'gap' looks like in life, there will always be a bridge to help you cross it. For a health goal, running each day is a bridge to help you achieve that body you want. For financial goals, saving 10% each month BEFORE you spend your money is the bridge. (Refer to my post, where I talk about focus.)

Sometimes, we even have the bridge there already...we simply have to start walking on it. Don't underestimate the power of the resources you already have at your disposal.

Now, once again imagine yourself in 10 years...really look for detail. What hairstyle do you have? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Be excruciatingly specific and then open your eyes and take the first step! I promise you won't look back.


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