A new season. For those who made it here, we have been given an opportunity to embrace a new season with open arms. Are you excited about the future and the rest of the year or are our worldwide predicament and the inclement weather keeping you grounded?

Blooming is not a choice.

When trees start to bloom, they hardly had any choice or part in the process. The inevitable buds form on a tree destined to bloom and before long, in the right conditions, it will bloom. Humans work strangely similar to this, except we have a distinct advantage over our Florian counterparts (Florian here referring to the concept 'Flora' and not the city.).

The difference between us and trees is that we can greatly influence what fruit or flowers we will bare in the new season. We can determine our nutrition, our education, our environment, and our circle of influence. Despite being able to control these things however, no matter what we do, we won't be able to choose not to bloom.

The fruit we choose.

Spring is an exciting season. I love the changing weather, the rain, and the heat. More than that, if my preparation in winter went according to plan, the fruit in Spring is much more enjoyable. The worst part about Spring in my past was that when it came I was completely unprepared and disappointed that my 'summer body' or 'summer projects' weren't ready. That's what nutrition is all about, planning ahead in the direction of your goals. When you choose your friends carefully and get mentors and friends in place to help you before you start your journey, it will undoubtedly be easier to bare a better quality fruit when the time comes.

The reason I can speak about this so confidently is that I was on the other side of the spectrum too many times. I ate chocolate logs like there was no tomorrow, but when Spring came I was furious that there was no sixpack looking back at me in the mirror.

Weather-proof goals.

Springday should be sunny, jolly, and filled with excitement. This year we had clouds, rain, and cold. Crappy weather is enough to make any of us negative about our situation, but it can't be the determining factor in our success. When it's rainy and you wanted to jog, jog in a poncho. We have more than enough excuses today to not do things: COVID, weather, money, age and so many more...but if we live by our excuses we will die by them.

Use the new month and the new season as an excuse to start something new if you haven't yet. If you have old goals in the archives somewhere, dust them off and start working on them now. It's not too late to start...just make sure you do!

Happy Spring.



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