Rise and Rise Again

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

'Rise and rise again, till lambs become lions.'

- Robin Hood

Although the original quote above may come from quite questionable sources, the way in which it is presented in the 2010 film, Robin Hood, changed my thinking radically. Yes, I am one to cry during movies and take their Hollywood 'life lessons' seriously, but let me explain why.

The way we think about it.

Life is exactly this: the way we think about it. (No, I didn't smoke something before this post.) The thing is, that if we take life too seriously and overthink the things happening to us, we can easily fall into a place where nothing is fun anymore. How can we expect to become 'lions' if we don't allow ourselves to rise?

Furthermore, if we think about life as a series of falls, all it will ever be is that. For us to rise (hypothetically) we have to fall (hypothetically), or at least put in some effort to move to the next level (hypothetically). Why this movie impacted me so much then, is to visually see the way a 'hero' can rise out of whatever circumstances he came from. Although it is Hollywood polony most of the time, movies create a visual presentation for our minds to see how something can be implemented.

For example, have you paid attention to the photo used in the post? It's of Monks in Thailand, and although I don't follow Buddhism, the message behind the image is of people who made a life of rising. What I hoped to achieve with this, was to get you to think about monks and the way they life, because to a lighter extent and maybe in a different context, we all should strive to be devoted to discovering more of ourselves, i.e. mastering the art of rising and rising again.

To read more about how the monks in Thailand, go to https://theculturetrip.com/asia/thailand/articles/everything-you-need-to-know-about-buddhism-in-thailand/ .

The way we go about it.

Action. Yes, my blogs always have an action element to it...thank me later.

When we have a worldview that allows us to 'self-analyse', it's easier to go about this step. It's not about watching a movie or YouTube video about rising, it's about going out and actually attempting to rise. I think why most people don't even try to rise is because they are afraid, lazy or entitled (swallow hard on that sentence, I did too).

Most of my posts consist of actionable quotes and motivations, and the reason for it is that I see most people struggle with the 'going' part. I am still struggling with this too, and everyday becomes a trade off for me between sleeping in or getting up and writing a blog post, exercising or doing a podcast.

The way we share about it.

The thing about rising is, that we can't do it alone. If you haven't heard it from me, You must've heard it on some other blog, video or Facebook post. If you keep on hearing it and you don't have a small group or even just one friend yet, then read the first sentence again.

Whether it's watching a movie, having a beer or just chatting with someone...doing life alone sucks, so stop doing it. If you are a guy, too, stop feeling too broad chested or proud to share your feelings with someone.

'But Thornton, I got hurt in the past by other men's groups.' Sure, I'm sorry about that, and whoever hurt you is a douche. Life remains challenging however and you are going to get hurt. The only way I know NOT to deal with conflict is to crawl into a hole and hide from everyone. We can only rise with other people!

Go and rise.

Since we are on the topic of movies: 'You will love again.' Pan out the camera to reveal you standing on a cliff somewhere in New Zealand with a sword in one hand. You just conquered the enemy and the violins lament those who have lost the battle. You aren't alone however, your very own Little John or Fryer Tuck should be right there next to you.

The way we rise is along with others. Now go get a pal and rise!



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