Posty post-post. Clicky click-click.

Have you even gone to bed at night, completely unaware that the next morning you will wake up to a new trending hashtag or movement? Obviously, because its 2020, we have all been there. But who of us truly go beyond simply jumping on the bandwagon or taking the opposite view?

The Bandwagon Culture.

If you are like me, somewhere in your life your parents sat you down and asked if a friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it to...the obvious answer then and now being no. Just because I copied someone's hairstyle, shoes and clothing, doesn't mean I will jump off a bridge, dammit! On a serious note however, that type of copying behavior we displayed in school, whether we like it or not, we still display today.

The fact is, the bandwagon looks fun, sounds fun and feels good when we are on it...and feels equally bad when we aren't. Even more, today there are plenty of bandwagons to choose from and be part of. The problem is, however that due to the amount of bandwagons, we hardly realize what the one we are on entails or where it came from.

Bandwagons aren't all that bad.

A campaign achieves success for a reason. Most of them are clearly though out and executed with brilliant timing and placement. Others enjoy success plainly out of a blind 'like and share'. One of my favorite artists, The Kiffness (David Scott) published this article: just to show how easy it is to create a fictitious bandwagon and get people to join it.

The problem is not the campaign you join, it's not knowing what it's about, that causes the issue. I can assure you that if you know the details behind something, most of the time you'd refrain from sharing it or share the content with a more clued up idea behind what it's about.

Campaigns for good.

As I mentioned, I was also a chronic 'sharer' before. It was until I got a comment from someone who fact checked the content, that I was made aware that something was completely false (insert Dwight Schrutte 'False' here.)

So let's all take hands in a new campaign, the campaign of reading up about something before you share it, or...not sharing something to begin with. Let's get on the bandwagon of knowledge and stroll through the street of insight before taking a trip down Facebook-memory lane, realizing we are part of some weird cult in the Amazon Rain Forrest because we shared a photo of an iguana (the previous campaign is not a legit one, but do feel free to share a photo of an iguana if you want, their cute).

In closing, please continue to support positive campaigns that make the world a better place. Continue to fight for what you believe in and for what's right, just make sure you have all the info.

Happy Sharing.



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