Planting Trees

Updated: Jan 21

We have species going extinct, countries burning and floods ruining countries in days. Politicians fight with activists and Attenboroughs while red and white companies are poisoning us with what used to be called cough syrup.

It sounds like a plot to a very interesting film (watch this space), but in reality it's what our everyday life looks like now. Some believe we are responsible and others don't. Some believe we can make it all go away by just planting trees and others, by going to Mars. Either way, we are set up for an interesting time...and unfortunately for the 'stop the world'-supporters our earth keeps hurling on around the sun. All we can do now, is buckle up and enjoy this 'Billy Eilish music video'-like life we are in for.

Now that I have your attention.

Whether you are in team Greta or in team: 'What melting ice-caps?', this post is not about either of you...or even about the issues discussed above. Getting your attention was my main focus, now that I got it...let's go.

If you're reading this...well done! It means you aren't part of the easily offended. It also means that you might be reading this simply to comment something about which side you're on at the end. Either way...a read is a read.

Behind the root of the problem.

Cheesy. A writing style I aspire to include in most of my work. You might think...what root? What problem?

Planting trees is seen as a valuable solution to the climate crisis we are facing, and although it's benefits hold true, some believe that even thinking we cause global warming is preposterous. Once again, I can neither confirm nor deny that I support either the former or the latter views, I'm simply here to put a cog in the seemingly smooth conflict-wheel we have going.

The root here, is something I believe we have struggled with for ages: the need to have a cause to fight for (Read more about this in Simon Sinek's, Start With Why). Throughout the ages, humankind always got behind something bigger than themselves in order to either fit in with popular culture or oppose the rulers of their times.

Thinking the 'planting tree, electric car, no beef eating'-era is something other than the above mentioned phenomena would be silly, right?


Well, not wrong-wrong, just a bit wrong. Obviously having a Instagram account that says 'Vegan, Dog Lover, Check out my TikTok account', is the new big thing, but what if we started actively seeking middle ground. What if we make our new big thing to start giving other's space to explain or give reasons for doing what they are doing. Even the greediest CEO comes from a family and has a beating heart (Obviously, otherwise he would be a zombie...let's leave that for another post). If he can sit at the same table as the braided hair girl who refuses to shave her legs, maybe we can get somewhere.

No, it's not the sixties and yes, this is one of my most ideological post you will read (probably) but hear me out. Small I've mentioned many times...can have a massive effect when repeated over and over by more and more people. Instead of getting behind the two opposing climate teams then, why not get behind an entirely new, neutral team?

The real trees we should be planting.

Before opening more cans of worms, let me get to the point: in the new year, while it's still fresh, let's plant more than just new trees. Let's plant psychological, emotional and spiritual trees too.

'The one plants a tree, knowing that they will never sit in it's shade, has truly grasped the meaning of life.' - Rabindranath Tagore

With raging floods, burning forests and yearlong droughts it seems things are out of control. Between the believers and non-believers in climate change and man's influence on it, we seem to have nowhere to go. Teenage girls are taking on guys with wigs and World Wars are trending on Instagram. This world is crazy, but no matter how hard you try, it won't stop here is my ten cents:

In our short and fleeting lives we will get ample opportunities to plant many types of trees, ones where we will never see the shade or fruit of, but let's keep on planting them on every occasion we get the chance to, so the world will one day be a greener place to live in. You don't even have to change the whole world, just yours.



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