No Stone Unturned

Updated: Feb 26

From Procrastination to Exploration, Vacation, and the train station, all these "-ation" words could leave us wondering where to even start. Our saturated Instagram feeds fill our heads with a compilation of ideas, but most of the time we hardly do any of them.

Do you want a 'Saved'- or 'Pinned'-folder on your phone or a 'Been there done that, got the key-ring because the t shirt was too expensive'-folder?

Get Out of Here.

This step, believe it or not, costs nothing. My previous post on Being Here ( helped me to align my ideas in this post. If you've read it or not, the just of it was to be in the present. Once we achieved being in the present, it also means we have achieved something else: we have come to terms that although we have dreams and aspirations, we are still living in the present time.

When we don't wish and dream of overseas trips all day (even though we might be planning one in the future), we could allow ourselves to take more frequent and smaller trips while we wait for the big ones.

What are adventures, then?

Going to the store is a massive adventure. Try doing it while you are hungry too, then shopping takes on a entirely different shape. The 'list' we make becomes obsolete once we enter the snack isle on an empty stomach.

All jokes aside, adventures could really be everything from going to the store to taking six weeks to backpack through Africa. All that changes, is our mindset. And our budgets...that too. The most important thing I've realized for leaving no stones unturned is to have an open mind as to where you are going and what you will be doing. When your mind is open about adventures, buying milk could be way more fun from now on.

Skip the itinerary.

Despite the fact that it's a difficult word to spell and pronounce, it's purpose is somewhat misused. I love planning a holiday or a trip, but detailing out everything takes away the potential 'stones' we could be turning. When your schedule is jam-packed with activities and there's no room for spontaneity, a few weeks in France could be as bad and tiring as an end of the month Checkers trip.

Unplanned experiences could also be good for us in that our brain builds new neuron paths when it experiences something new, at the same time replacing old ones. New experiences, new brain seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. If you are a compulsive planner, however, this might be a difficult step. My advice would be to just plan a bit less.

Get your hands dirty.

I loved building mud houses when I was little (I totally don't do it anymore, pfft). When building mud houses, it's important to have all the rocks cleared and a good, flat surface to work on. The satisfaction you get from starting at scratch to a beautiful, two-storey home with a front garden and garage, is in-explainable . The idea of my story is this: you need to get your hands dirty.

Some adventures are predictable and routine, but the real fun ones are where you get in behind the scenes of the usual tourist route. Get to know locals, ask where the best places are and be open to expected ad-on's to the journey. Those are the best stories to tell afterward, just don't expect to have your white sneakers in the same condition at the end.

Live is short, and if you get the chance to do the big, Instagram-worthy it! If, however you are not there yet, take on the little adventures in every day life. You will be surprised how fulfilled you feel when you leave no stone unturned!



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