I wish I had...

We launched on the beach. A small 8-man boat and high-tide don't go well together. My uncle fell into the water and was hanging on for dear life until we went past the waves and into calmer waters. We 'survived' the ordeal, and even brought home a few fish to fry.

Years later I'm standing on the edge of a cliff with a rope attached to my middle. Three two...push. The instructor didn't even count to one, he just flung me over the edge like a sack of potatoes.

What I didn't do.

The age-old deathbed story will always be the one where people wished for more time. No-one on their way to eternity wishes for anything earthly in those moments. Although the first two accounts in the story makes it seem like I'm an all-out adventurer, I must admit there were various times I opted out on adventure. Looking back now I truly wish I could go back and just do those things...it's kind of like wishing for more time.

There were countless times I didn't do something and till today I regret not doing them. The feeling of not being able to share those experiences with others are much worse than the stories of how scary the things I did were.

Move on and start small.

I used to think doing something and receiving a 'no', or failing at it will be the worst thing to happen to me. It isn't. Life is too short to regret the things we did or didn't do, and toppling over our missed chances or rejections is no way to spend life.

My solution? Move on. Just move on from whatever happened and learn from it. Breath in the fresh aroma of failure and smile about it in the mirror...it's part of life. You might as well just go through it, then.

Secondly, dust off your shoes and make your next move, even if it's small. Just do something. My claustrophobia was something I conquered by stepping into a lift at a mall. I know...big whoop right? That moment, however, allowed me to get past my fear and now I always ride the elevator...and more.

If you start small, you allow yourself to have victory over your fears and finally move on to bigger things. Try it!

Stop looking around.

Peer pressure can be good or bad. The key is to try and differentiate between the good and bad influences in our lives and stop looking around. Encouragement feels great, but on the opposite side discouragement can break us. I found that drowning out those voices in times of courage, allows us to truly discover our WHY for doing something. Having people in our life is important, but 'If you live off a man's compliments, you'll die from his criticism' - Cornelius Lindsey.

Let's go from 'I wish I had' to 'I'm glad I did.' Live a 'No Ragrets' type of life and see the amazing difference it makes.



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