I need a dollar

Money makes the world go round, they say. Others say: 'Ek sou kon doen met 'n miljoen', However you think of it, money is quite an important part of our lives. Why do many people fall into debt in order to feel rich and how do we live 'free' lives without being dependent on our paychecks or the size thereof?

It's about resources, not money.

I'm not a expert, far from it. One of the most valuable lessons (pun intended) I have learnt, however, is that it's not about money. 'Sure Thornton, then you don't really need a dollar?'

No, no I still need a few dollars, still, but what I need more...is a resource for an opportunity. You see, if we can channel our purpose and plans into true measurable steps, it will be easier to define what resources we need. Being rich, then, is not the goal. The goal is to be resourceful.

If you're talking about it, you must be rich, right?

Wrong. Once again my writing precedes my reality. This is a theme lately, but what I aim to achieve with this post is to organize a few thoughts regarding the way I think about money...so let's think about it together, while we are still poor.

Now, you are not poor...nor are you pre-rich (yes, someone actually coined that word). Your attitude is. We can go on for hours about mindset and thinking, but the fact of the matter is that most people have a mindset of either being poor or rich. If you think I'm lying about this, go and read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Poorness (I know it's poverty, I'm just keeping you on your toes) and Wealth (richness) begins and ends in the mind then. Once we grab hold of that thought, we can move on to greater things.

Let's pretend I'm still reading this...how will this fairy tale of 'thinking rich' go?

Good, you're still here. So now you ask me that if you stand in front of a Steers and you don't have any money, you can just think yourself rich enough to buy the burger and Bob's your uncle?

No. The thing is if we think of money as money, we will never have enough. If we think of it as a tool, it will be easier to manage. If having burgers all the time is valuable and important to you, your priorities will shift towards it and resources will be allocated towards it accordingly. By saying this I sincerely do not wish to target the population of people living in poverty, but the principle of resources remains sound throughout.

The key then is not just thinking yourself rich but determining what will make you 'rich' or feel wealthy. To some it's owning a brand new Mercedes and to others, it's a paid off house. What is your's?

More is more.

In the end, I still need $60,000 to study abroad, but if the money is what's holding me back, I can give up right here. If it's money I'm after, why stop at 60,000? Why not a hundred, or two hundred or a million? Because it's not money that I'm after. I want to change the world and educate myself and others, all I need is the resources to go and do it.

Whatever your goals are then, make sure you don't eat away at them with extra cheese and bacon. Furthermore, understand that with a definite purpose, the resources will always follow.



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