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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Whether it's a beautiful rainforest soundtrack with birds and river background noises or the old fashioned ring of an alarm clock, we all hate it. For some, waking up early doesn't come with a choice, but when we do have the one...we would much rather sleep in, right?

Why so early?

I'm not saying anything about worms. I wanted to, but I didn't. (*Reminder: pat self on back for not being a cliché writer.)

Waking up early is not the key to the whole 'Success in Ten Steps' or 'Millionaire Boss' routine. It's waking up right!

'What is right Thornton?'

Glad you asked, here it goes...

The 'recipe to success'-myth.

If you want one, there isn't one. Jup, no recipe here. Maybe for cookies...but not success.

You see success is personal. Let me explain: success to me, is not success to you. The sooner people grasp the fact that we are all unique...the lighter the weight on our shoulders will be.

The 'Millionaire Boss'-BS* is just a subjective personal experience shared by someone, somewhere who found waking up at 4AM, doing 629 burbees and drinking raw almond milk made them more successful. You aren't someone...and you're not somewhere. You are there...wherever there is. But be THERE. Don't try to be someone else: waking up right means what doing what will be right for you.

*Bolony Stuff.

A pinch of salt.

I'm maybe taking the food metaphore a bit too far in this post...but like momma bear's porage, it works just right to get my message across.

I'm not saying books are bad, infact I implore you to read as much as you can. My advice is, however, to take what is being said with a pinch of salt. Even now, reading this blog...take it with a pinch of salt. Books are meant to give you perspective, not a blueprint for your next few weeks of 'New Month New Me experiments'.

Take the advice, think deeply about it and then apply what would work best for you!

Let's get cooking

Okay, I'm done. The food puns are all last night's melktert at grandma's house. Seriously though...let's get practical.

What I've found with morning routines is that it gives structure to the day. It sets the trend for what's to come and it prepares you to take on the day.

When your brain knows you will be doing the same thing every morning, it will start rewarding you in various ways like: a better mood, increased productivity and even great amounts of money in your bank account.

(The last one was a joke, I was just testing whether you are still paying attention.)

The point is.

A morning routine is important. So get one and stick to it! But get your OWN one. Don't use an ancient Chinese fighter's routine if it doesn't work for you. Pick something that will help you achieve your goals for the day...even if that goal is just surviving work. Waking up right will be easier if the way you do it, is tailored to what you need to prepare for.

Secondly, don't expect outrageous results from waking up early. Traffic is still going to suck and your boss is still going to play putt-putt in his office. Waking up early, with a routine, simply helps you prepare for what your day is going to throw at you. The key here is consistancy: if it's 5AM, it stays 5AM...don't bend the rules because you don't 'feel' like it today.

(I will write something about feeling like something later on.)

(*Reminder: write something about feeling something.)

Lastly...get a good coffee machine. It works for me. Unless you drink tea...then don't. Either way...go out, change the world and remember to smile!


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