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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Out on the course with Divan de Villiers.

"From a young age I knew I wasn't going to sit in a office with a 9-5 job. The idea of moving into sport always intrigued me. What also mattered, however is that I should love what I do and this is where golf came in."

Divan is a mild mannered guy. From meeting him initially he seemed to have the mindset of a winner. We asked him to be part of the brand a while back and from that day we could see that the partnership meant a good deal to both the parties. He fits the ambassador profile we love and his lifestyle reflects his moto: never give up!

"The only way to enjoy what you do is to believe that is it good work and when I love what I do, I always produce good work"

Divan is most certainly a family man. The support from his friends and family is pivotal to his success as well as his relationship with God. Belief is important and he takes it into his game as a must-have.

"I always believed in dreaming big and being number 1 is part of that to me. With hard work, faith and belief I know I can make it a possibility." he says. He knows it's hard work but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

"Sometimes the game can get you down, but focus is crucial to me and to keep on going in my rhythm helps me stay in the game. I always keep my mind on my goals and try to stay in my 'happy place' when I cruise around the course."

This young man has a plan that can conquer the golfing world, and maybe one day he will. We will be here watching, Good Luck with 2019, Divan!

Be sure to follow him on the IGT-tour and on Facebook, Divan de Villiers.

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