Dream Big; no dream DIFFERENT.

Norman Vincent Peale said “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Now that we got the airy-fairy-ness out of the way...let's start unpacking what Dreaming Big should look like.

First of all, Peale's quote is not all that fairy; what he meant was that when we form part of the select few in the world who believe in dreams, we should do so but with a dash of; perspective (if you read the last word in the accent of the food critic in Ratatouille, you are my type of person).

What is different?

Dreaming Big in modern times is either highly over-advised or completely shut down. My belief behind the reason for it is that we are doing it wrong. Dreamland is not a destination nor a desired state of being to aspire to, but rather a vehicle for our realities to travel through in order for us to envision a better tomorrow, or today...depending on which time of the day you are experiencing this dream. In other words, dreams shouldn't be our end result, but it should be a crucial part of our thinking throughout life.


Dreamland is fun. If you are doing it right, it means you will most likely be in a bed with a soft duck feather pillow and warm blanket while being there (for me it's without the feathers, I'm allergic). Sometimes, however it can be too fun, which means we might not want to get out of bed. What separates homo erectus from homo sleepus (this is a made-up primate, please don't Google it) is that the former got up, brushed his teeth and went to work.

*Note that the brushing of the teeth is crucial here.

The problem that the world has with dreamers is that they stayed in that state. When we dream different, we know that actionable dreams are most likely to become a reality. We also get started on our dreams easier when we realize that it's the only way they will ever become tangible. So...Nike.

(Please email me if you didn't get the last sentence)

Big dreams, small steps.

If you have any cement near you at the moment, through it away. Dreams aren't cast in stone, or concrete in this case. The key to go about dreaming Big, other that taking action, is making them significantly fluid. To encourage critics of big dreams, we should make huge statements of what, where and how our plans will look like.

Let's instead make our critics' jaws drop by keeping quiet and allowing nature to take it's course while we work on our plans bit by bit.

Moreover, when tiny details of our dreams get altered by this ever changing force we call LIFE, let us be resilient and diligent (feel free to add more -gents if need be) to continue working on our ideas within these new and exciting circumstances.

Have Fun.

Last, but not least (when will it ever be least?), HAVE FUN. Life is to short to have a big dream weigh you down. Make it big enough to fit into a backpack and take it for a hike with friends. Make it simple enough to pursue regularly without compromising your daily routine of stopping and smelling flowers (if you aren't, seriously consider stopping and smelling flowers often...just watch out for bees).

Big Dreams can and should be pursued; the world needs dreamers. What we need more however is doers, action-ers and flower smell-ers!




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