Coffee for One

When you're standing at an entrance of a coffee shop, the waiters usually ask the same question. My response to it has been different for a few times now...and I've been getting the same look every single time: "Table for?"..."One", I reply.

In the day and age we live in, It's hard to be isolated. We are the most social of all the generations and being alone has become an out of date, frowned upon the concept. I mean why would anyone want to sit at Industrial Coffee Works, staring at the MC Donald's arches and the Mercedes Garage all by themselves? (Go check them out by the way:

I recently read an article on The Art of Manliness' website where the author explains a month-long social media fast. My journey isn't that extreme, but what he mentioned in the article is a similar experience to what I have on my one-man coffee adventures. (The article is a good read:

It's okay to be alone.

We are programmed to think that we won't be okay if we are alone. It's not true. Coffee with yourself allows you to truly just relax and get to know yourself. The best part is that being by yourself challenges you in more ways than you think. The agony of the people watching becomes so tangible because their only waiting for one thing while they stare at every sip of coffee you take: for your friend/s to show up.

They don't show up.

Strangely enough, the expectation for someone to join you also grows in your heart. I was shocked when I realized I was hardwired to wait for someone to come and sit at my table. What happens if they don't, though? Nothing. Yes, nothing happens, and that's okay too.

You are alone now, face it.

Not forever, don't panic, but you are alone now. You are drinking a coffee by yourself and you should embrace it. Take a good book with you or a notebook. Allow yourself to just be there and enjoy the cup of bean juice in front of you.

Take yourself out for coffee. The bill is cheaper, the table is bigger and maybe somewhere along the line, you will get to discover something you never would in the busyness of everyday life!

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