Challenge Accepted

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I’m not a blogger...yet. According to ‘experts’ (whoever they are) you are only considered a blogger if you have written over 50 posts on average. Until I get there, however, I’m still just a guy writing pieces on a Wix website that I have built.

Enough about me already. What does my little rant have to do with the topic?

Here we go: writing 50 blog pieces with 500 words each equates to around 25000 words. Not around…exactly. That’s a massive bunch of words.

Psychology suggests various pieces of advice for the massive problem I’ve just mentioned. As I’ve quoted many times before you can check out books like Atomic Habits by James Clear and Start with Why by Simon Sinek. These books have great advice on accepting challenges and navigating a life filled with them. But now to the fun stuff:

Just swooshing do it.

Lucky for you, I will save you a bit of time on the whole book reading front. Accepting challenges will be a lifelong occurrence, so we might as well get used to it. The thing is, the way we accept them and take them on is the key to this whole thing we call life. It took me 23 years to get here, and I’m still not quite sure where ‘here’ is. All I know is that the way I take on challenges have shifted once I just started diving into them instead of wondering how everything will pan out.

So the one thing that I can share with you and implore you to do, is to simply just do it. Yes, yes we all though of the swoosh brand just now, but they have a point: the guy overthinking the challenge is still at the start line, tying his shoelaces. Let’s just get out there and run!

What ample book hours have also taught me, is to have a reason for just doing ‘it’. Granted, step two in my master plan has a bit of thinking and mauling over included, but it’s necessary for all the rest to take place. When we know our ‘why’ (thank you mister Sinek) we will be able to take on challenges with more ease and added confidence.

Challenges are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Spiders are scary. Challenges are scary. Regretting being afraid your whole life, is scary. Yeah that escalated quickly; I felt it too. The thing is, challenges seem monumental, undo-able and downright scary when we first face them, but broken down into little pieces, we start seeing a bit more of an advantage on our side of things. We begin to realize that we are actually capable of accomplishing them.

An example of a simple challenge is making our bed each morning. At first, it seems like a massive effort, but once we return home after a long day to find a neatly made bed to fall on and cry; it sort of makes the whole crying part better (not that I am endorsing crying after work, but we all have had one of those days).

In conclusion, dear reader: try to take on little challenges more. Once your extremely terrified, introverted part of your brain has numbed down, start doing the things that really make your blood pumping. Trust me, one day you will be thankful.

We will all be dead in 100 years anyway…just accept that challenge you’ve been avoiding, already!


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