Being Here

Updated: Feb 24

Here, there, everywhere. The more we think of there, the less we are here. When we don't plan for the there, we fear it might not be here. All of the above tends to take our mind everywhere.

Poetic, I know. If you ponder upon what I just wrote, you might be confused, enlightened or even surprised. Being Here, however is something I find very difficult in the current environment that I am.

I rarely write about what I am currently struggling with. I make point of it to mostly write about what I have already conquered so that I can give more credible advice, but being in the moment has become increasingly difficult for me in recent times.

What's the matter?

How often do you hear this from people? My face is one of those that easily shows there's something the matter, but lately there isn't really anything wrong. Yet,however, the face shows something I'm not even aware of. Once again, writing about a current issue leads to a slight shortage in the advice I have to apologize for that.

Even in my ignorance, however, I do have some guidance. 'What's the matter?' could be a lack of being here, in the moment. If you are reading this while eating, watching TV or working on the aren't really here. That's what's the matter.

There to here.

When you can identify where there is, here will be easier to find. What are you constantly thinking or dreaming about? What is you biggest goal in life? If you could answer these quickly and immediately, you might be there.

Other places could be stress, work or the weekend. All the places that's not in the moment where we are, is there...and we have to find out what it is. The world is full of distractions and if we don't get on top of them, we might live a 'there all the time' life.

Our shift from being in all places at once to being where we are is then not a option, but a necessity. We leave people behind, and projects untouched and lives un-lived if we keep dreaming about the future or reminiscing in the past.

The Now.

This post took me a week to write, not because of it's difficulty but because of the experimentation I did on the advice I am about to give. It worked in this short while, so let's see if it will.

1. Meditate. Meditation is a process of calming the self and centering your thoughts. This is a powerful way of being here. Work intentional to have a time set out

to not think about anything or to think about what you are thinking about. What I do personally is Bible study and time on my own with God.

2. Talk about it. Share your thoughts of being there. My mom taught me something she read in a book: a brain dump. Talk to someone about whatever is in your head (what's in your head, in your head) or even just write it down. Getting everything out in the air helps clear our thoughts to focus more on what we are currently busy with. Get dumping.

3. Get a token. In the movie Inception, a token helps the characters distinguish whether they are in a dream or not. I had a token the past few days and it helped met to look at it and 'snap' out of the dream/stress world my mind was whirling in. Sounds weird, but it actually works, Examples are a dice or a fidget-spinner(but please don't). The token will be a reminder for you to live a bit more in the now...before long then, being here will become natural.


Breathing in rhythmically helps to calm me. Try doing breathing exercises to pull you back into everyday life.

Remember that dreaming is perfectly fine and good; stress is also normal. The trick is to not spend the majority of our time in those spaces, because we are after all, living in the present. Being more present is also not a walk in the park and takes intentionality and planning. So get to it...go on...



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