A Pinch of Salt

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

The secret ingredient to life. Yes. A pinch of salt. You can all go home now. Just kidding. That would’ve been the shortest blog post in the world. But on a serious note…that’s all you need.

Kids these days.

We have all heard these words...and some, if you are part of my older reader group, have said it. To be honest, my 23 year old self, said this to a kid in a shop the other day. This saying has much more to do with you than you think, though.

We are all part of 'kids' these days, we are products of the 21st Century world, and whether we like it or not, we have been influenced by it. So, sorry to say but the problem with the lack of pinches of salt given these days, is you.

We get furious at inequality...in front of the TV. We get upset with climate change...with a cup of Starbucks in our hands. The list goes on, but my point is that we need to understand that we are just as part of the problem than any other. The 'kids' these days's inability to take life with a pinch of salt, are staring right back at us in the mirror.

Climate Change aside, let's change inside.

When is the last time you let a taxi drive in front of you without bending your Polo's steering wheel? If the answer is never...you need a chill pill, or just a pinch of salt.

Life get's frustrating and I get it. I yell at coffee tables if they somehow get in the way of my pinky toe on my way to the kitchen...but it's an utter waste of valuable time to be upset the entire day because of toe-trouble.

It's also unnecessary to throw a colleague with mash potatoes in the cafeteria, just because your toe is sore.

My advice: make a willful choice to not sweat the small stuff. In the movie, Evan Almighty (shut up, I love Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman!), "God" says that if we pray for patience, He will give us the opportunity to BE patient. It's not a magic potion or lotion to be used every time our temper meters are in the red. Patience is a choice we have to make inside.

Oh, and don't eat mash potatoes at your workplace's cafeteria, rather have an apple.

Sweat some big stuff.

In the middle of taking life too seriously and taking it with a pinch of salt, is being a bland ghost stealing oxygen walking around on earth. Although the previous character sounds perfect for a Neill Blomkamp movie, it's not ideal for real life.

What I mean with taking life with a pinch of salt is to enjoy more things and not get worked up by stuff we can't control. There are, however some big issues out there we can sweat. Climate Change, World Hunger, poor Education systems and the possible return of the McRib are just some examples.

Those are big things we can 'sweat' and need to 'sweat'...so pick one and campaign the crap out of it. Belonging to a bigger cause gives your life meaning and a sense of belonging, so do it!


So today we read about sweating, salt, taxi's and some angry guy yelling at a TV. The point of it all is balance. I implore you to stop and think whether it is really worth it to moan about vegans or feminists or coffee being cold. Although coffee being cold is absolutely tragic, the 'value' of the waiter or barista serving it is way more than belittling them in front of the whole bistro.

And, if you are a vegan, feminist of barista...take whatever 'Bradley from Bryanston', is yelling about over his skinny Chai Latte, with a pinch of salt. Life is simply to short to worry about the opinions of others. Oh yes, balance. Life is too short also, to NOT care about something. Grow a moustache for cancer or teach a class at a community college...just do something that you care about deeply. The truth about life is that we are all going to die anyway (as I've said many times) so we might as well go all out and live fully.

Go care!



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